The Crew

The Captain

Captain Wit Morris has over 20 years of boating experience on everything from 15ft scuba boats up to 70+ft sailing vessels. He is known for his friendly and laid-back personality and expert sailing skills. He has extensive offshore sailing experience and has traveled the world for the past 8 years working on vessels of all shapes and sizes. He is happy to teach you as much as you desire or just show you some of his favorite sites in the harbor as you relax and enjoy your day. He is fully licensed by the USCG and rated Master. His license has also been endorsed with auxiliary sail and the STCW 95 safety training as well as holding the FCC Radio license. He is trained annually in CPR, 1st Aid, AED, and child CPR and 1st Aid.  

The Crew

Mireia Clusella Font hails from beautiful Barcelona, Spain. For the past 10 years she has worked around the world as a crew member on various vessels and is capable of anything on a sailboat. She is accomplished in the field of onboard safety holding her STCW 95 safety training. As well she annually receives training in CPR, 1st Aid, AED, and child CPR and 1st Aid.

Popsicle is Llibertat's glorified deckhand. He is a 25lb rescue pup from St Thomas, VI that Mireia and Wit rescued while sailing in the Caribbean. His 1st day on board was at 3 months old and he absolutely loves the sea. He can always be found relaxing in the sun at midship or sitting in the cockpit enjoying the wind in his fur. While he cannot help set the anchor for swimming, he sure puts a smile on anyone's face.

Captain Wit Morris of Blue Life Charters
First Mate Mireia Clusella of Blue Life Charters
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