Boat Rentals

  Explore the Harbor with Our Hourly Boat Rentals

Would you like to see a different side of Charleston? Ask Blue Life Charters about our boat rentals in South Carolina. Our sailboat, the Libertat, comes with a full crew available to take you to any part of the harbor you desire. We set sail three times a day in three hour tours. If you have a special purpose for the boat that will require a longer sail, we can accommodate for an additional fee. The boat is equipped with a fridge for your use and a restroom for your comfort. We are able to take on up to six guests at a time.

Your Crew takes the Helm and Trims the Sheets

If part of your goal is to learn more about sailing, you are welcome to join the crew in working the sails and taking the helm. However, when all you want to do is focus on the beautiful scenery and fresh sea air, we are able to take care of all the seamanship for you. It is a wonderful opportunity for pirate mad kids or teens looking for a new outlet for their energy. We can take extra time at historical sites or pause to observe a flock of seabirds you are studying.

Intimate Boat Rentals in South Carolina for a Memorable Experience

Are you planning an epic proposal for marriage or even for prom? Our sun set boat rentals are extremely popular. We can even connect you with a professional photographer to record the moment for posterity. Order in a catered meal and take the evening to the next level. Our sunset cruises leave the dock at different times depending on the time of the year, so make sure to check details before booking.

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