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Need assistance with travel planning? Not only are we experienced yachtsmen, but Wit is also a certified travel agent specializing in luxury travel.

My Mission

As a luxury travel agent, Wit is certified in a myriad of destinations to properly guide you. He has traveled to your desired destination, experienced them first-hand and has taken rigorous courses to learn the specific tourism dynamics of each location. With a chosen career in travel comes a true love for the industry and gratitude for being able to give his clients experiences that they will cherish forever.

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Wit is dedicated to offering you the best prices and advice while emphasizing exceptional customer service. He prides himself on providing excellent service and personalized attention to every one of his clients. He is ready to assist with all of your travel needs -- from booking airfare and hotel to arranging for rental cars and activities. Unlike booking websites, Wit goes above and beyond to ensure all your needs are met, and all of your questions are answered. He treats his clients like family and offers a wide range of services, from cruise and travel insurance to wedding event planning. He is an expert in the industry and here to help you plan the perfect trip - whether it's for business or pleasure.

How It Started

Many of you that have been on sailing charters with Wit have heard his and Mireia’s stories. If you have not heard it yet, make sure to ask questions when you jump aboard for a charter. Wit has been working in customer service for over 15+ years and found that more than anything, he enjoys helping people translate their dreams into realities. His passion for travel came shortly after college when he left the states and stayed abroad for over 10 years. He worked all over the world in the travel industry. Whether it be vagabonding abroad, professional scuba, or yachting that took him to faraway places on the map. For more than a decade, Wit learned not only about various world cultures and exotic locations, but he became an expert travel planner and found his passion to assist others with his knowledge as well.

Agency Owner & Operator

To assist others with their vacation dreams, Wit opened up a sub-company of Blue Life Charters called Blue Life Travels. His career in travel started and continues with a genuine passion for helping people. His idea for Blue Life Travels is to serve clients the way companies use to serve their customers. Customer service is the No. 1 priority, and he strives to ensure his clients' best interests are at the heart of every decision he makes. He will not ever sell clients products they neither want nor need. For him, it is about the relationship more than the profit. He treats his clients' vacations as if they were his own.

Did he mention...his planning and booking services are 100 percent FREE! Wit earns his wages from the vendors, like the airlines, cruises, etc., which means you will never pay more using him as a travel agent than you would trying to plan on your own. Wit’s worth is in his knowledge of the destinations he represents and knowing how to navigate their systems to deliver exactly what his clients want.

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